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Published: August 16, 2011

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – All Things New: An Open House at the Clark Library

Stop in to meet our new Director, Barbara Fuchs, and our new Head Librarian, Gerald Cloud, as well as view the newest exhibition, All Things New: Imperialism and Impact, curated by Rebecca Fenning Marschall and Nina Schneider.

All Things New: Imperialism and Impact

On view: October 11-December 20, 2011

The history of the world is one of greed, jealousy, warfare, and slavery. It is also one of curiosity, exploration, scholarship, ingenuity, and determination. Drawing on the Clark Library’s wealth of materials dating from the 16th century to the present, All Things New: Imperialism and Impact will take up and treat universal themes related to colonialism and imperialism in diverse places around the globe, from Colonial America to India, Africa, Ireland and the Caribbean.  The exhibition will consider the multiplicity of ways that empire building has influenced travel and description of faraway lands, printing and publishing (including the challenges to typography posed by new alphabets and languages), capitalism and greed, fashion and decorative arts, foodways and customs, religion, nationalism and rebellion.

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