Requiescat in pace, Hannah

Published: December 7, 2010

Hannah Phoebe Clark, 14 (72 human years), of the Clark Library, died this past Wednesday, December 1.

She was born to unknown parents at an unknown date in the city of Beverly Hills, CA.  Hannah was street-learned, but she received an honorary Ph. D. from UCLA in 2002.  She had many male suitors but chose to remain single as did her namesake the legendary British author and moralist Hannah More (1745-1833).

Knowledge of Hannah’s first years was mostly unknown, except that she was involved in a torrid love affair that left her pregnant and alone.  She relocated from Beverly Hills to the grounds of the Clark Library circa 1997 with her daughter Molly in tow.

Hannah was the head of rodent control at the Clark Library and an active greeter of scholars from 1997 until her death.  She liked basking in the sun, eating dry cat food and chasing birds occasionally.  She also allowed library staff to use her name on this blog, though she personally disdained the use of the internet.

She is survived by her daughter Moll F. Clark, her mentor Suzanne Tatian, her friends on the Clark staff and her fellow cat workforce Sophia, Mr. B, Belinda, and Jett.

In lieu of flowers, the Clark is requesting that donations be made to your local SPCA.  French novelist Colette summed it up best when she said “there are no ordinary cats.”


Patrick on

We will remember her even in death. Her absence will surely create a presence; she will be greatly missed.

Michiko on

Lovely. May I suggest, however, donations to a local no-kill shelter instead of the SPCA? Some LA possibilities include: Friends of Animals Foundation, 2336 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064; (310) 479-5089; Purrfect Solutions Feline Rescue, Sherman Oaks, CA, (818) 784-4297.

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