Dorothea Conyers: a new finding aid

Published: June 13, 2011

The Dorothea Conyers’ Papers are now available for research, with a finding aid available via the Online Archive of California! This collection was purchased in 2002 to contribute to our growing collection of Irish materials, which include the papers of George Savage-Armstrong & his family, as well as, of course, Oscar Wilde and the Irish members of his circle.

Conyers was an early 20th century writer, born around 1869 in Fedamore, County Limerick. She is known for her humorous and lively stories of the Irish sporting set, and was quite prolific when it came to writing and publishing them. This is an incredible collection not only because we get to see drafts of many of her published novels but also because the Clark owns many of her books.  Viewing the manuscripts and the books side by side is an enlightening experience because you get a sense of Conyers’ thought processes during the drafting stages and you also get to see her work come to fruition in the books that the Library maintains.  Some of her well-known works include Kicking Foxes, The Thorn Bit and Boy, Some Horses and a Girl: A Tale of an Irish Trip.

This collection was processed by UCLA MLIS intern, Jacque Giebel, who also wrote the above!

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