Dia de los Muertos and Mr. Clark

Published: October 26, 2009

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood is the resting place of scores of Los Angeles luminaries, from movie stars to the Otis and Chandler families of the LA Times.  It is also the resting place of our library’s founder, William Andrews Clark, Jr.  His mausoleum, designed by architect Robert Farquhar and situated on an island in the middle of a lake, is the largest monument in the cemetery.

The Clark Mausoleum
The Clark Mausoleum

This past Saturday, Hollywood Forever hosted its annual Dia de los Muertos event, which a couple of Clark librarians were able to attend.  Though the Clark mausoleum wasn’t decorated like the many altars erected across the cemetery (maybe next year?), it was lit with bright colorful lights and attracted the attention of lots of people who posed for pictures on its steps and probably wondered who was buried there, as the Clark name isn’t engraved anywhere outside.

mausoleum 2

photographs by Paul Marschall

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