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Published: July 26, 2012

It’s taken a long time, but three manuscripts from the Clark’s collections are now (or soon will be!) available in their entirety via the UCLA Digital Library.  Several years ago, the Digital Library Program supported the digitization of these three items, which were selected by Clark librarians as being items often ordered up for reproduction by scholars and/or items that we hoped might be more widely used.  After being photographed on campus at the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF), the digital files languished until now.  In the last few weeks, I’ve written and edited the metadata for each item and have been publishing them, page by page, to the Digital Library website.

Robert Taitt’s Book of songs, music and poems (MS.1959.003) is now completely online (with the exception of a few pages that need to be rephotographed!); the 17th-century anti-Christian Porta veritatis, sive Compendiaria ad beatitudinem (MS.1999.001)will be completely available by the end of today (Thursday, July 26th); and Julia Palmer’s Poems (MS.1951.012) should be available within the next week!

a page from the Robert Taitt manuscript as viewed in the UCLA Digital Library

Next in the Digital Library queue is the Eric Gill Art Archive, which has already been photographed and described onsite by our own Jennifer Bastian.  We hope to begin putting this online in August.

What other items or collections would you most like to see digitized at the Clark?

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