An Impromptu Concert for Students in Professor Bristow's Ahmanson Seminar

Published: January 30, 2013

This quarter, the Clark Library is hosting UCLA English Professor Joseph Bristow’s Ahmanson Undergraduate Seminar, the Wilde Archive. We could not be more thrilled to host Professor Bristow and the ten budding scholars as they dive into primary sources on Oscar Wilde and his literary circle.

But today we discovered that, indeed, we could be more thrilled. Laura Dang, one of the students in the seminar, paged sheet music from our Wildeiana collection. Inspired by the music she found, she asked if she could play a tune or two on the Clark’s piano.

The Flippity Flop Young Man MS Wildeiana 11.7

And thus the entire class and some of the library staff were treated to Ms. Dang’s lovely rendition of “The Flippity Flop Young Man.”

Piano playing of Flippity Flop Young Man

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