Wilde’s Notebook on Philosophy, 1876–78

Oscar Wilde’s notebook on philosophy comprises 304 pages of quotations, paraphrases, and aphoristic reflections on the history of philosophy. He kept the notebook between the years 1876 and 1878 while attending Magdalen College, Oxford, in preparation for the Greats examination, in which he received a rare “double-first.”

The sample pages below concern such topics as mysticism, utilitarianism, and pleasure and desire. The entries demonstrate Wilde’s fluency in Greek.

W6721 M3 N9113 Mysticism-crop
W6721 M3 N9113 Utilitarianism Pg 1-crop W6721 M3 N9113 Utilitarianism Pg 2-crop
Pleasure and Desire
W6721 M3 N9113 Utilitarianism Pg 3-feature

Call number: Wilde W6721 M3 N9112 [1874/6] Cased